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How to Save Time Washing Clothes

There are not many things in life as boring or tedious as doing laundry. Even though is probably not one of your favorite things to do, you still need clean clothes. If you want to make washing your clothes less of a chore and a hassle, there are a few ways that you can shorten the amount of time that you spend doing laundry. There are some time saving tips for washing your clothes that can really come in handy.

Here are the best ways to save time when washing clothes:

Wash Less

This might seem like it has the opposite effect, but washing your clothes less often actually saves you time in the long run. If you wash your clothes twice or even once a week, you spend a lot more time doing laundry if you wait at least two weeks to throw in a load. Washing your clothes can be a faster process in all, if you hold off washing your clothes until you have full loads. Of course, you need to have enough clothes in your closet to get you by for a week or two to make this happen.

Treat Stains Immediately

Instead of letting stained clothes sit in the hamper until laundry day, you should treat stains as soon as you can. This makes them so much easier to get out and allows you to speed up the stain removal process. Getting out stains can be the most time consuming part of doing laundry, but removing them right away makes everything much easier.

Invest in Multiple Hampers

Having a hamper for whites, colors and delicates allows you to avoid the dreaded task of sorting your clothes. You can easily drop your dirty clothes in the right hamper each night to keep your clothing sorted. This allows you to just throw in loads without having to sort before you begin washing. You won’t believe how much of a difference this small step can make.

Check Labels When You Buy New Clothes

You need to make sure that you are washing everything properly the first time around. This means that you need to check the labels of new clothing items that you add to your wardrobe. If you get it right the first time you won’t have to rewash clothes later.

Washing clothes isn’t always a fun process, but there are ways to speed it up.

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