How to Care for Your Towels (Part 2)

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How to Care for Your Towels (Part 2)

How to Care for Your Towels (Part 2)

How to Care for Your Towels (Part 2)

When you step out of the shower or the tub, there is nothing quite like wrapping a warm and fluffy towel around your body. Towels not only add style to your bathroom, but they are also functional and allow you to wash and dry your body. This means that your towels will come in direct contact with your skin over and over again. If you want to keep your towels looking and feeling great, you need to make caring for your towels a priority. The only way that your towels will last and not show signs of wear is if you care for them using the best techniques.

Here are a few towel care tips that really work:

Wash Out Silicone

When you first purchase towels, it is a good idea to wash them before you use them. Not only do you want to be sure that they are clean, but you also want to get rid of the silicone. Most towels have a silicone finish on them that makes them look better when they are sitting in the store. This finish needs to be removed to ensure that your towels offer maximum absorbency when you use them.

Wash Like Colors

If you want to be sure that your towels do not fade of become dyed, you need to wash them with like colors. The only way that your towels will continue to look bright is if you wash them with like colors and also add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the load. Adding vinegar to the wash can help you to set in the colors. This means that you only need to add the vinegar for the first few washes before the colors start to naturally fade over time. However, using vinegar can help to delay the fading.

How Often Should You Wash Towels?

Another towel care tip that you need to be aware of involves how often your towels should be washed. Over washing can lead to shortening the lifespan of your towels. You should wash your towels only every four days. If you wash your towels too often the residue left behind from fabric softeners can actually make the fibers much less absorbent overtime. This means that if you want your towels to have more drying power, you will actually cut back on how often you wash them. Less is sometimes better when it comes to washing your towels.

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