Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent of the Future

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November 7, 2014
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Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent of the Future

Many new green and eco-friendly innovative ideas and products have been emerging in the past decade; covering all areas of the market from eco-friendly furniture to new cutting edge eco washing balls or laundry balls that are used for greening up your laundry washing. What are wash balls one might wonder? A wash ball is a laundry product that, in essence, replaces laundry soap. Though the designs of the balls can vary; most have one thing in common: they replace the need for laundry soap and provide clean green laundry!

Eco Washing Balls generally use a Green ceramic based pellet washing design within the balls; of which is capable of cleaning and sanitizing cloths; just as traditional laundry soap does. Once the ceramic pellets are introduced to the water within the washing machine; they immediately go to work providing Eco laundry. The pellets within the laundry ball cause a chemical reaction with the water; effectively altering the ph of the water to almost the same effect as laundry soap does. The most noticeable benefit of the alteration of the ph level within the water is that it helps the Wash Ball to remove oils and dirt’s from the clothing.

The majority of Eco Washing Balls work like this; the pellets located within the Eco laundry ball itself emit a special infra red stream of rays; of which help in the breaking down of the natural hydrogen in the water. In essence; the pellets within the laundry ball break apart the large clusters of hydrogen within the water and make a whole bunch of small clusters. The reason that small clusters are ideal is because with the small ones the molecular motion of the water is increased; ultimately allowing for the water to easily penetrate the fibers within the cloths; basically turbo charging the water for Eco laundry applications.

In addition to the Eco laundry manipulation of the waters ph level and the breaking down of the large clusters of hydrogen in the water; the Eco Washing Ball pellets emit negative ions that help to soften all the fibers in the cloths. By softening the fibers, in combination with the other aspects; the Eco Washing Balls allow for the dirt to come out of the cloths faster, cleaner and easier; providing 100% Green Laundry. By utilizing Wash Balls; one would have no need for traditional laundry soap.

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