A no frills guide to laundry preparation

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A no frills guide to laundry preparation

A no frills guide to laundry preparation

Presorting your laundry may be the most important step in the entire process. Separate your whites from your colors and light fabrics from dark fabrics. If you have a new garment it may be better to wash it separately as new clothing, which is going through its first wash is most likely to run.


Colors fade and become dull much quicker when they are not properly separated before cleaning. It is also recommended that you separate man-made fabrics such as polyester from natural fibers such as cotton. “Hand washable” garments require a “delicate” laundry procedure.


Work or play clothes, which are heavily stained should be washed separately from lightly stained clothes. Always follow your garments Care Label instructions; some garments may have special care instructions that you should be aware of.


When you are sorting your laundry into their appropriate wash loads you should complete any necessary mending. The washing process could make any rips in your clothing larger. Shake off any loose dirt.


Close any zips or hooks; they could catch and snag the other clothes in the wash.


Be sure that all pockets are empty. Overlooked tissue, pens, gum or any metal object can create havoc when they get into the washer, both for your clothes and for the machines. Remove any belts, pins, bows or other similar items, which did not come attached to the garment.


Pre-treat any stains as soon as is possible before putting them into the wash. Pre-treating works wonders on heavily stained garments and greatly increases your chances for fully removing a tough stain, such as red wine.


When loading the machine, put the detergent in first. You should let any liquids dilute and the powder dissolve before you add in any clothing. Load the machine loosely, do not overload or pack it. This could result in damage to the machine as well as poor cleaning. Make sure the clothes are dry and not folded. Load larger garments first, the smallest items next and than place any medium-sized items on the top.


By making the effort to follow these very simple tips you will find that your clothing will become cleaner and freer from wrinkles after each and every wash. As a bonus, your garments will also enjoy a much greater lifespan by following these steps. In the long run, you will save yourself a great deal of time and money.


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